Asphalt Maintenance

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Many business owners think that you just need to install a parking lot, and you’re done. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Just like your commercial building, the parking lot needs maintenance to remain safe for visitors.

Commercial property owners in Georgia have trusted asphalt professionals on their side in SouthEast Pavement. We’ve been installing, painting, and maintaining asphalt roadways and parking lots in the greater Atlanta area for over a decade, so we know just what local property owners need.

What is Asphalt Maintenance?

Maintaining an asphalt parking lot involves both repairing damage but also preventing it, which is why a thorough parking lot maintenance program saves money long term. Asphalt repair services like crack sealing are considered maintenance because taking care of minor damage prevents it from growing. Other services like asphalt sealcoating are more traditional preventative maintenance because they seal and protect the asphalt surface from UV and weather damage.

SouthEast Pavement offers several different types of asphalt maintenance services, including:

  • seal coating
  • crack sealing
  • drainage repair
  • pot hole repair
  • repainting pavement markings
  • and more

Best Practices for Pavement Maintenance

The parking lot is not only a client’s first impression of a business, it’s also a major aspect of commercial property values. To safeguard the investment in your commercial property, asphalt professionals need to assess and repair the parking lot regularly. To best do maintain your lot, your trusted pavement company needs to take a two-pronged approach: quick repairs and preventative maintenance.

Quick Asphalt Repairs

The key to proper parking lot maintenance is to correct small problems before they blossom into big issues that require a full replacement. This means filling small cracks so they don’t widen and grow. For example, if cracks get deep enough, they can compromise the stability of the base layer and cause greater breakdown.

Preventative Maintenance

While small repairs are important, some maintenance services are designed to prevent asphalt damage in the first place. Asphalt sealcoating, a thin layer of a hot asphalt and polymers, protects the parking lot from weathering and UV damage. Proper drainage also keeps water from pooling and causing cracks.

Asphalt experts recommend yearly asphalt maintenance to keep your parking lot safe. SouthEast Pavement consultants will inspect your site and work within your budget to find a parking lot maintenance program that works for you. Let’s discuss your project today.