Catch Basin - Drain Installation

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The greater Atlanta area enjoys quite a bit of rainfall, and this can affect parking lots and pavement. Though asphalt is durable, water can soak into it and cause cracking and erosion. That’s why proper drainage is so important for any pavement, and especially parking lots.

For commercial property owners in the Atlanta area, SouthEast Pavement are the experts in pavement and drainage. With their drainage services, local property owners can keep their parking lots safe and smooth:

  • Catch basin installation
  • Drainage systems
  • Catch basin repair
  • Concrete services

Types of Drainage Systems

Storm drains, catch basins, and storm sewers are all terms laymen use interchangeably, but pavement experts know they are different systems used to direct water away from asphalt surfaces. The most accurate term is catch basin, which is a concrete basin that collects or catches runoff water. A storm drain is special type of catch basin, essentially, but are usually meant to catch excess water from storms and not regular rainwater. Storm sewers are more complex systems that carry water away. A consultation with a paving professional is vital to find the best drainage system for your property.

Typical Drain Installation Process

The first step is always a thorough site inspection and detailed proposal that explains how your new drainage system will help your property stay safe. Next, pavement contractors prepare and level the site, excavate the area, and then install a concrete catch basin and drainage system.

Catch Basin & Drain Repair

Drainage systems aren’t perfect, and freeze/thaw cycles can damage concrete drainage systems. If water is backing up, flowing over pavement, or pooling on the surface, professional drainage repair is necessary. A trusted paving company can diagnose the problem and either pour new drainage areas, patch a leaky catch basin, or even install a better-working drainage system.

If your pavement is suffering from water damage, and you suspect drainage problems, contact SouthEast Pavement right away. In fact, contact them for an inspection to catch drainage issues before they start. Our pavement and drainage experts will work within your budget to solve your drainage issues and get you back in business.