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Asphalt Patching in Atlanta Shopping Center Parking Lot

SouthEast Pavement Inc is the greater Atlanta GA area’s trusted parking lot repair company, and we are happy to serve commercial customers all over the area such as Gwinnett County communities like Duluth GA. We were recently able to help a commercial property manager in Duluth repair the parking lot in a popular shopping center after their pavement had suffered from water damage.

Water can cause all sorts of problems with asphalt pavement from cracking to deep potholes. This commercial parking lot had several potholes that were hazardous to both drivers and pedestrians, and it was affecting their tenants’ business. Luckily, our experienced paving contractors were able to diagnose their pavement problems and recommend the right repair services, in this case asphalt patching.


The SouthEast Pavement crew quickly got to work by cutting around the pavement areas where there were potholes using special saws. Next, we repaired the gravel base and compacted it before pouring specially mixed asphalt. Our crew then compacted the new asphalt to match the level of the existing pavement for a seamless patch. Because we were able to work certain areas one at a time, we minimized traffic and business interruptions for the tenants of the shopping center.

The property manager thanked us for our hard work and dedication, and we gained another satisfied Georgia customer! With decades of experience with professional paving services in and around the greater Atlanta GA metro area, SouthEast Pavement Inc is the paving company to call when your asphalt has damage like potholes.

Atlanta Parking Lot Repair project on Georgia Tech campus

SouthEast Pavement Inc, Atlanta GA’s trusted paving company, is proud to serve Atlanta area businesses and institutions because we’re locals too! Our paving contractors were happy to work on the Georgia Tech campus and help students and faculty stay safe with a parking lot repair project near one of their education buildings. Go Yellow Jackets!

In addition to evidence to our dedication to local education, this job is also a marketing success story because the Georgia Tech facilities manager found us through the internet and saw all the testimonials from our satisfied customers. They had an old parking lot that was in dire need of restoration, and we were happy to help.

After using state-of-the-art asphalt milling machines to remove the top layers of asphalt, we hauled off the broken pavement for recycling. Then we inspected the underlayers of the pavement to make sure they were stable and fixed any problems we found with new gravel, compacting it to make it stable. Finally, we applied a new layer of asphalt on top to create a pavement layer that was good as new.

Once we had new asphalt pavement applied over the whole area, we had to take it from parking lot paving to line striping. We applied high quality reflective traffic paint, creating all the parking stalls and applying ADA compliant pavement markings. The Georgia Tech education building had a place for faculty and students to park, and SouthEast Pavement Inc had a new Atlanta GA area happy client.

Paving Contractors Complete Asphalt Patching at Storage Facility in Peachtree City GA

SouthEast Pavement Inc is Peachtree City GA’s premier paving company, and we recently proved that with a successful asphalt patching job at a local storage facility. The business owner found us on the web and asked for help with their asphalt paving. We’re always happy to help Atlanta area business owners repair and maintain their pavement because that means we’re beautifying our own communities.

Our skilled pavement inspector was able to get to the business right away, and they uncovered that the initial problem with the asphalt pavement was deep cracks and potholes. Though these may not sound so bad, potholes can be a serious danger to vehicles that can cause suspension or tire damage. Cracked asphalt is also a big trip and fall hazard for pedestrians. Since this damage was in a storage facility, customers could even have property damage as well.

The best permanent fix for potholes and extensive cracking is an asphalt repair process called patching. For this job, our experienced paving contractors first cut around the damaged asphalt in specific places to minimize damage to existing pavement. Next, they broke up the damaged pavement and removed it before filling in the area with a fresh, properly graded gravel base layer. After compacting this layer, they installed new hot-pour asphalt, and then compacted that to match the level of the existing pavement. Finally, they smoothed and leveled the asphalt patch to complete the repairs.

If you need repairs to your asphalt pavement in Peachtree City GA, SouthEast Pavement Inc are ready to help. Contact us today to learn about our high quality asphalt repair services in your area.

Parking Lot Paving in Peachtree City GA

A business owner from Peachtree City, GA was having problems with their asphalt parking lot. The area around their dumpster was really bad because it couldn’t handle heavy trash trucks and kept cracking. Luckily, they called SouthEast Pavement Inc, the most reputable asphalt experts in Atlanta and surrounding communities. We got an estimator out to the site right away and put together a detailed proposal.

Like all business owners, our Peachtree City client was concerned with their budget, so our asphalt experts worked closely with them to get the best value. With budget in mind, we did a full remove and replace of the broken asphalt, sealed it, then repainted the lines to create a new safe parking lot. Our experienced contractors paid special attention to the dumpster pad, removing and replacing the old gravel subbase with a brand new high-quality GAB crushed rock base. This added more stability and strength to this part of the lot, allowing heavy trucks to drive over it with ease.

The customer not only loved their revamped parking lot, but they were most impressed with how the SouthEast Pavement Inc team was transparent throughout the whole process. This customer service made sure the client could make informed decisions every step of the way. In the end, our team finished ahead of the deadline and under their budget!

SouthEast Pavement Inc. has kept this customer service focus since the very beginning. We know that client satisfaction creates success, and we’ve been putting this into practice for a decade in the greater Atlanta area. If you have a damaged parking lot in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, LaGrange, or any other western Georgia community, contact us today for a revamp.