Best Local Paving Company in East Point GA

In the area around Atlanta, GA, SouthEast Pavement Inc is the most reputable paving company. As a local paving business, we proudly serve communities like East Point, GA with professional installation of parking lots and roadways. Whatever your paving needs, our asphalt paving experts are ready to work with you to design the perfect pavement.

Paving Services Offered in the East Point, GA Area

– Asphalt Paving

– Parking Lot Repair

– Line Striping

– Asphalt Sealcoating

– Asphalt Patching

– Pothole Repair


Why Choose Us

  • Our professional paving experts will walk you through all the problems with your asphalt and work within your budget and timeline to find permanent solutions.
  • We are constantly expanding our fleet of paving equipment so that we can tackle whatever job comes our way.
  • As a locally owned business, we care about other local business owners and work hard to make their pavement healthy and always perform paving work outside of business hours.

All About East Point, GA

Though technically in Fulton County, Georgia, East Point is a thriving suburb of Atlanta, GA with a 2010 population of 33,712, according to the US Census Bureau. The town got its name in 1870 when it was built as the eastern terminus of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. The town quickly grew up around the railroad to include manufacturing plants, schools, shops, and it was officially chartered in the late 1800s. That growth has continued throughout the centuries, and we have the vibrant edge city enjoyed by residents today.

The East Point Historic Civic Block contains many of the early buildings from the town’s early days, including Victory Park, the New Deal Library, East Point City Hall, and the City Auditorium. The area is a focus of historic preservation efforts as well as redevelopment, and it contains a lot to see and do for visitors to East Point, including outdoor concerts and cultural events. Outside this historical district, there is a lot to see and do, including Camp Creek Marketplace, a unique shopping center. Adults will enjoy some local brews and yummy foods at U Bar, while the Starlight Drive-In Theatre and Flea Market makes for a fun family outing.

Paving Company Helps Businesses In Greater Atlanta Area With ADA Compliance

SouthEast Pavement Inc is the Atlanta GA metro’s premier paving company because we always take care of our local commercial clients. Recently, a business owner just north of Atlanta, got an email from the team at SouthEast Pavement Inc about how we upgrade commercial asphalt parking lots. Their asphalt parking lot had faded parking stripes, but it also wasn’t compliant with national laws, which is a serious problem so we went out to take a look at what we could do in regard to their pavement markings.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires that businesses provide parking spaces that are accessible to individuals with mobility disabilities. The number of spaces depends on the size of the parking lot and other factors, but at least one space should be van accessible. The ADA also requires specific markings to show where these spaces are and that they’re specifically for users with disabilities.

All of these ADA regulations can be a lot for commercial property owners to keep up with, but the dangers of ignoring them far outweigh the costs. The professional contractors at SouthEast Pavement Inc have the expertise to make parking lots ADA compliant without breaking the bank. We were happy to design an efficient parking lot for our Atlanta business owner.

Our paving crew got to work quickly to bring the lot into ADA compliance. First we used high quality asphalt to install a ramp for individuals who use wheelchairs. Next, we restriped the entire parking lot with professional traffic paint, creating new parking spaces, painting traffic arrows, as well as handicap parking symbols and hazard stripes. The business owner was very pleased with their new parking lot striping, and SouthEast Pavement Inc had a new satisfied client in the Atlanta GA area.