Asphalt Company in LaGrange, GA

For over ten years, SouthEast Pavement Inc. has been working with property owners in the greater Atlanta area and surrounding communities like LaGrange GA. We’ve been professionally designing pavement solutions for our Peach State neighbors for a decade, installing asphalt parking lots, concrete walkways, drainage systems, roadways, and many other pavement projects, big and small.

Best Asphalt Paving Services in LaGrange, GA

  • Parking Lot Repair

  • Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Pavement Markings

  • Pothole Repair

  • Concrete Curbs

  • Drainage Solutions


  • We’re a locally owned company, so we’re dedicated to bringing our Georgia neighbors the best asphalt paving services with the best customer service.
  • All our valued employees keep learning about innovations in pavement technology and paving processes, maintaining professional licenses and certifications.
  • We also make sure every contractor is properly bonded, and everyone has insurance so that we can work both quickly and safely.

Enjoy LaGrange, GA

As the seat of Troup County on the western border of Georgia, LaGrange has a history that stretches back over two hundred years. Named after the French estate of an American Revolutionary War hero, the Marquise de La Fayette, the community began as a cotton town and grew over the centuries to a small city with an estimated population of over 30,000 in 2019. The 20th century saw industry take over plantations, and railroads made LaGrange a transportation hub as well.

These days, LaGrange has two interstate highways as well as railroad lines running through it. The mixed economy of the area includes manufacturing, distribution, farming, and tourism to nearby West Point Lake. This growing but still picturesque town boasts the oldest private college in the Peach State, LaGrange College. Visitors who love history have a lot to see in LaGrange, GA, from the beautiful grounds of the Troup County Archives to the historic mansion Bellevue. Those who like to travel in style can enjoy Callaway Resort and Gardens, and art lovers have several museums to choose from. With outdoor activities at West Point Lake only miles away, there’s something for everybody in LaGrange, Georgia.

New asphalt driveway near LaGrange GA

SouthEast Pavement, Inc. is the top paving contractor near LaGrange GA, which is why we were chosen to take on another new driveway construction project for a homeowner in the Luthersville area.

The homeowner recently obtained the property and wanted the driveway to be extended. The existing driveway was gravel and had a lot of unsightly weeds growing in the way. Because the homeowner cares about driveway functionality, longevity and appearance, he wanted to have an asphalt driveway installed – but he also wanted it to be extended. He found our website on a google search for a residential paving contractor in the area so he asked for an estimate.

We came the next morning to look at his property and knew it was a job we could easily handle. It does require more than one phase to do but we can handle it and he was happy to have us do it since we have the experience and expertise to do so. Whether you want your driveway to be widened for larger vehicles or to add additional space for parking or to add a turn-around, the paving experts at SouthEast pavement have done it all.

Our crew started phase one on 02/24/2021 and began by excavating the existing driveway and the new extended area as well. Construction is still going on but the process is coming along smoothly.

Asphalt milling and parking lot paving project in LaGrange GA

In LaGrange and surrounding Georgia communities, the premier asphalt paving company is SouthEast Pavement Inc. because they understand that local property owners are the source of their success. We’ve been focusing on customer service and transparency with every job, whether that’s installing a brand new asphalt parking lot or performing preventative maintenance like crack filling and sealcoating.

We know happy clients will tell their neighbors and associates who revamped their asphalt parking lot, and that’s exactly what happened with a business owner in LaGrange, GA who was referred for asphalt repairs. Their commercial parking lot was old and had suffered serious damage from weather as well as wear and tear. During our inspection, we uncovered that the asphalt was failing in several areas. The parking lot surface had lots of cracks and some even got deep into the gravel substrate, which could eventually cause potholes.

Luckily, the asphalt experts at SouthEast Pavement knew exactly what paving services could bring it back to life. Our dedication to quality and efficiency means we can get the parking lot safe in record time to get the business back to full function as quickly as possible. The first service was asphalt milling, which removes old asphalt and leaves a texture that lets new asphalt bond to it. We also removed and replaced some of the gravel substrate so that the whole lot was stable and properly graded to let water run off.

Some paving companies focus on asphalt, but the experts at SouthEast Pavement Inc have extensive experience with concrete as well. For this commercial client, we poured a new curb and gutter to ensure proper runoff, as well as installed over a dozen concrete parking bumpers. Our client loved their smooth and safe parking lot, and they were happy it was installed to last for years.