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For over a decade, SouthEast Pavement Inc has been professionally paving roadways and parking lots in McDonough, GA and surrounding communities. Our experience means we can tackle any size paving or asphalt repair job, including finishing services like concrete drainage structures and parking lot painting.

Asphalt  Paving Services in the McDonough, GA Area

– Parking Lot Paving

– Asphalt Patching

– Pavement Maintenance

– Line Striping

– Pothole Repair

– Pavement Installation


Why Choose Us

  • We’ve become the local leaders in construction and asphalt paving by treating all our local clients like neighbors because they are! Our organization was founded in a small Georgia community and remains focused on the satisfaction of our local clients.
  • Our pavement experts take a customer-focused approach to all pavement projects by working closely with commercially property managers and owners to find the best solutions.
  • All our employees maintain professional paving industry licensing and stay current with asphalt technologies and processes.

Enjoy Historic McDonough, GA

Though McDonough is the seat of Henry County, Georgia, the town is considered a part of Atlanta. The town had a 2010 population of around 23,000, which had more than doubled since the year 2000, according to the US Census Bureau. The town includes many smaller unincorporated communities like Ola, Kelleytown, Flippen, and Blacksville. Named after founder and naval Commodore Thomas Macdonough, the town was founded in 1823 and quickly grew to include businesses and civil institutions. One of the city’s major employers, Snapper, Inc, has been in operation since the late 19th century when it was the Southern Saw Works.

Many of these historic buildings are contained in the 200 acre McDonough Historic District, including the Henry County Courthouse and its central square, as well as the Welcome Center housed in a 1920s gas station. The town hosts a Geranium Festival every spring in this central square, a popular event that features lots of local art and entertainment. Nearby Southern Belle Farm celebrates the area’s agricultural history year round. A fun day trip could include a visit to to the Planters Walk Antique Mall and the C.O. Polk Interactive Museum, a fun history and children’s museum right on the square.

Asphalt Contractor near McDonough GA completes parking lot paving project

After years of use, even the best installed parking lot will suffer from wear and tear, including cracks, pavement deterioration, and even potholes. That’s when commercial property owners need a reputable paving company to repair their asphalt using proven methods. SouthEast Pavement Inc, Atlanta GA’s most reputable asphalt paving company, was recently able to do these kinds of repairs on a Macon asphalt parking lot, just an hour south of McDonough GA

After consulting closely with the property owner, we got a certified asphalt contractor out to inspect the parking lot. They found numerous asphalt problems, including pavement deterioration and potholes. Property owners may wonder how these problems arise, and there’s usually one main culprit: water. When moisture gets into all the little nooks and crannies in asphalt pavement, it can disrupt the bonds between the aggregates and the asphalt binders. When temperatures drop, that water can freeze, expand, and open up cracks, melting and flowing away when it warms up again. Over the years, this freeze/thaw cycle can break down asphalt until you get potholes. This is what had happened to the parking lot in Macon GA.

Our licensed, experienced paving companies got out to the site and quickly got to work so the business owner wouldn’t have to worry about interruptions. We performed asphalt patching services, which is where contractors cut away damaged portions of the pavement and fill it with new asphalt. We also filled potholes and compacted them down so they matched the level of the parking lot. Finally, we restriped the parking lot so it was good as new. Our new Macon GA client was pleased.

Asphalt Contractor Completes Parking lot paving project near McDonough GA

As the trusted commercial contractor and parking lot paving company in Peachtree City, GA, SouthEast Pavement, Inc. recently was contracted to install a new parking lot and loading area for a local company.

The company was in need of an additional loading area for incoming and outgoing trucks but was limited due to an abandoned railroad track that crossed the property. Because the track was no longer in use and they were in possession of the property, the property manager was hopeful they could utilize the area for the company’s benefit. After they searched for the leading paving contractor in Peachtree City, they found us and asked us to come take a look.

We were able to come by the following Friday evening and determined that the area was a candidate for paving according to local laws so we were able to create a new loading area for the business.
Our crew arrived early on a Saturday morning as business was not in operation on this particular weekend. We began by preparing the site and milling the existing pavement surface. We then installed the new pavement while ensuring proper drainage. After the area was ready, we did an asphalt overlay, followed by line striping for proper traffic control. The project was complete in two full days.

The area is ready for the flow of business and the owner and property manager are thankful for the user-friendly presentation of the project and bid as well as how easily the measurements and prices were presented to them. They are also thrilled their area of business is expanded.