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For over a decade, SouthEast Pavement Inc has been serving the greater Atlanta metro area as well as surrounding communities like Riverdale, GA with the highest quality asphalt paving services. We’ve been professionally constructing walkways, municipal and private roadways, asphalt parking lots, and more throughout the area. We always use the highest quality, DOT-approved materials and processes, so every paving project will last.

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Why Choose SouthEast Pavement Inc

  • When you get asphalt repairs from our company, we ensure that you get a permanent fix that will save your pavement from full replacement later on.
  • Our professional paving contractors are fully licensed and insured so that our work and our valued employees are protected.
  • Both property managers and business owners get the same dedicated customer service experience, as our asphalt experts work closely with every client to ensure their needs are met.

Enjoy Vibrant Riverdale, GA

Riverdale, Georgia is a suburb just south of Atlanta that has seen major population growth in the 21st century; the population was just over 15,000 according to the 2010 US Census. Though they are an Atlanta suburb served by the metro transit system, Riverdale is a thriving small community in its own right with a lot ot see and do. The town is not even ten minutes from the Atlanta airport and served by several interstate highways, so it’s a hub for travel.

Though it’s a suburb today, Riverdale wasn’t always attached to Atlanta. The town was settled before the American Civil War and was officially organized after the railroad lines were extended to the area. The town got the name Riverdale in 1908 after the original owner of the land, W.S. Rivers. Several historical sites celebrate this history. Nearby Reynolds Nature Preserve is a beautiful place to visit for both residents and tourists alike, with 46 acres of protected forest land with hiking trails, camping sites, a living history farm, and natural education center. The Riverdale Centre in the center of town has outdoor entertainment and events all year round.

Parking Lot Repair Project near Riverdale GA

Check back soon for more details on the asphalt patching and overall repair project that we just recently completed in Riverdale GA!  Southeast Pavement Inc is the parking lot repair specialist.  We can handle all your sealcoating, pothole repair, asphalt patching, and pavement maintenance needs!