Parking Lot Paving Project near Newnan GA

Parking Lot Paving Project near Newnan GA

Our parking lot paving team was recently contacted by a Georgia business owner located just East of Newnan GA who needed help with their worn parking lot. We got one of our asphalt experts out to the site right away to thoroughly inspect it. What they found was a commercial parking lot with faded traffic paint and signage, big cracks, patched hairline cracks, and confusing traffic flow.

These are common problems that can happen to asphalt parking lots, even if they’re installed by professionals. The wear of traffic slowly erodes both special traffic paint and the asphalt underneath. Over time, UV rays can break down the petroleum-based asphalt binder, exposing the substrate. Water can also wear down asphalt by getting into tiny cracks, freezing, and then widening the cracks. Preventative maintenance can stop all these problems from getting worse.

The asphalt experts at SouthEast Pavement recommended a full asphalt remove and replace in places, hot asphalt patching, and leveling, filling deep cracks, a polymer coat to seal and protect, as well as repainting and striping the parking lot. All our employees work with complete transparency, so our proposals are detailed and explain every service we recommend.

Because we know business doesn’t stop for repairs, we were able to complete the job around our client’s schedule to get them back to work quickly. Our bonded and insured paving contractors filled in cracks with a high-quality product to make sure the damage didn’t spread further, created smooth patches of new asphalt, sealcoated the asphalt surface, and then painted parking and traffic lines. The Sharpsburg client was so pleased with their improved traffic flow.

SouthEast Pavement Inc. have worked hard to become the most reputable asphalt paving company in the Atlanta South Metro area and all through the Peach State. We know our success depends on happy clients, so we do our best at every job, whether big or small. If your commercial parking lot has seen better days, contact us immediately.