Parking Lot Paving

We exist to help you look your best.

SouthEast Pavement is a trusted leader in paving of parking lots, roadways, and other asphalt surfaces for clients all over the Peach State. We’ve been serving the greater Atlanta area for over a decade, and we’re dedicated to working with integrity with all our projects. Our asphalt experts have the knowledge to tackle any kind of parking lot from a large retail business or an industrial operation.

Whether it’s for a warehouse or a retail business, we’ve got the expertise to create the perfect lot for our valued Georgia clients. We provide a full range of parking lot paving services.

Let’s explore what SouthEast Pavement can do for your parking lot. Our asphalt parking lot paving services include:

  • ground preparation
  • milling of existing pavement surface
  • new asphalt paving installations
  • drainage construction
  • asphalt overlay
  • perm flex sealing
  • line striping and traffic paint

Our asphalt paving process utilizes quality ingredients, modern equipment, and the latest paving techniques to install a perfectly smooth and durable parking lot. We always discuss the job in detail with our clients, making sure to work within budget. When our professional contractors install a parking lot, we take care of everything from concrete curbs to reflective traffic paint. Our service doesn’t end with installation, as we will back up our work with ongoing maintenance and repair services.

Paving Parking Lots FAQ’s

  • What is the parking lot paving process?

    After a thorough site inspection, we prepare the site by leveling and compacting the soil for proper drainage. Next we put down a gravel base for stability, and then pour two or more inches of asphalt. After that cures, our professionals top that asphalt surface with a sealant for added durability.

  • How long will my new pavement last?

    With proper installation, asphalt can last for decades. However, it’s still important to protect your parking lot from wear and damage with regular maintenance such as sealcoating.

  • How should I maintain my parking lot?

    Although asphalt is durable, there is a lot property owners can do to keep their parking lot in good condition. Parking lot maintenance can range from applying a clear sealant to the surface to grinding down and replacing the asphalt. The asphalt experts at SouthEast Pavement can help you craft a maintenance program for your lot.

  • What is an asphalt overlay?

    When a parking lot has cracking but isn’t so degraded that it needs a replacement, the best asphalt maintenance solution is an asphalt overlay. During this process, professionals lay a thin coat of hot asphalt over the existing surface to fill cracks and smooth everything over.

If your parking lot has seen better days or you need a new lot on your property, SouthEast Pavement has the expertise to solve your pavement problems. We’re the Atlanta area’s premier asphalt paving company, so we can tackle any parking lot paving job. Contact us today for a professional estimate.