Pavement Marking

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A safe, easy to navigate parking lot is vital for any business. While a smooth asphalt surface is a part of that, pavement markings need to be bright and durable too. They’re how visitors will know where to go, after all. Because pavement markings are so important to a parking lot, they absolutely need to be painted by professionals.

Luckily, Atlanta area property owners have SouthEast Pavement. Our asphalt experts are trained in applying all kinds of traffic lines, parking stripes, and other pavement markings. Because of our relationships with suppliers, we also have the highest quality traffic paint.

About Pavement Markings

Many people think of parking lot striping as simple lines for parking spaces, but there are lots of different kinds of pavement markings. Using high quality reflective paint made to be driven on, professionals create lines, arrows, numbers, and more. Painting hazards makes them easier to avoid. The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires specific parking symbols.

SouthEast Pavement offers all kinds of pavement markings, including:

  • Parking space lines
  • Numbers and arrows
  • Traffic lanes
  • Hazards and safety stripes
  • Dumpster pads
  • ADA compliant parking signs

Parking Lot Striping FAQs

  • What’s parking lot striping process?

    Before any paint gets applied, parking lot experts will consult with the client about traffic flow, parking spaces, and budget to design the perfect pavement markings. Professional asphalt contractors like to start with a clean, smooth asphalt surface, so they recommend striping after a sealcoat or asphalt overlay. To paint the stripes, they use specialized paint that is both reflective and mixed with sand for traction.

  • When should you paint pavement markings?

    Pavement markings can be applied as part of a professional asphalt parking lot installation or after an asphalt overlay or sealcoating. Professionals recommend you restripe your parking lot every year or every other year, depending on the weather conditions and amount of traffic.

  • Will my business be interrupted during painting?

    Most asphalt applications like an overlay or a sealcoat need up to 24 hours to cure properly, but pavement markings take much less. Most traffic paints take only an hour or less to fully dry. The experienced paving contractors at SouthEast Pavement work hard to get our clients back to work quickly.

Commercial property owners in Georgia have a premier paving company to take care of their parking lot striping: SouthEast Pavement. If your parking lot is confusing for visitors or just needs a facelift, contact us for a consultation right away.