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Asphalt Repairs

SouthEast Pavement would love to meet with you and create a comprehensive repair plan for your lot or roadways. Full depth sawcut and replacement is considered a permanent pavement repair. This technique involves saw-cutting and excavating all asphalt in the designated area. Once base is exposed the contractor inspects the base to ensure that it is stable and able to support new asphalt surface. We then tack edges and install full depth asphalt. There are other applications that could be suggested in some circumstances and all methods would be discussed during SouthEast Pavement’s evaluation.
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SouthEast Pavement provides a full range of asphalt paving services. We can provide complete asphalt paving solutions including ground preparation, milling of existing pavement surface, quality asphalt installations including new construction, overlay, perm flex, binder and topping. We use modern equipment and the latest techniques for installing asphalt. Our experienced team can handle projects large and small.
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Asphalt, in the simplest terms, is a combination of aggregate (rock), fines (small rocks/sand) and binder (glue that holds it together). Sealcoating is a vital preventative maintenance application that will provide a layer of protection against premature deterioration from water, chemicals and U.V. rays. Utilizing an experienced contractor for this application every 3 to 4 years will extend the life of your asphalt pavement investment.
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Pavement Markings (Striping)

One of the more overlooked aspects of a parking lot is the striping. This however is also one of the most crucial to be done by experienced professionals. We offer complete road marking and paving striping services in any application. We can re-stripe over your existing lines or create a new layout per plans, along with name stencils, numbers and other ground markings.
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Crack Seal

Pavement cracking is inevitable. If you want the get the most service life from your pavement then crack seal early and often. Crack sealing uses specialized materials that bond to the walls of the crack, while being able to move with the pavement as it expands and contracts, preventing intrusion of water and debris into the crack. This prevention keeps the base and sub-base drive and structurally sound.
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Signage & Carstops

If you need new signage, replacement of damaged signage or custom signage, SouthEast Pavement can handle your needs. We also offer multiple varieties of concrete, plastic and rubber carstops.

ADA (Handicap) Compliance

SouthEast Pavement has years of experience with site modification for ADA compliance. Federal and local laws are in place to regulate requirements for handicap stall size, access aisles, lot slope, ramp configuration, location of stalls in respect to building, etc. SouthEast Pavement would team up with established ADA professionals to ensure your parking lot fulfills these requirements.

Concrete Construction

For projects where durability and permanence are a priority, SouthEast Paving offers concrete paving services. Concrete is a more significantly permanent surface than asphalt with a life span that can be indefinite. Concrete surfaces are used when asphalt paving would not hold up or be as effective. Applications include:
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-Forklift turning areas,

-Truck landing gear pads,

-Trash bin areas,

-Curbs and sidewalks,

-Truck landing gear pads,

-Drainage and storm water channels.

In these situations, we recommend concrete due to the comparative “softness” of asphalt paving and the long-term durability of concrete under heavy loads.

Sidewalk Repair & Installation

If you are on the board of an HOA, owner of a commercial property or a property manager, working to minimize or eliminate trip hazards throughout the property can be an ongoing struggle unless you have a plan in place. SouthEast Pavement can help you establish that plan and execute the repairs as well.

Curb & Gutter Repair/Installation

Curb & gutter are a part of most parking lots in Georgia and are a large initial investment on most site projects. SouthEast Pavement can provide solutions for repair from traffic damage, root intrusion or any other factor that has caused damage to your curbs. This damage can be unsightly and a liability in many cases.

Catch Basin/Drain Install & Repair

In the greater Atlanta area, excess rainfall is a common occurrence throughout the year. Under these conditions, catch basins and other drainage systems must work overtime to properly drain your parking lot. Periodically inspecting your lot is crucial to catching any potential basin or drain issues. Catching these problems early can be crucial in minimizing the cost of repair. If you have areas currently holding water, the installation of a new drain may be crucial in prolonging the life of your existing pavement surface.
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Project Management

SouthEast Pavement believes in providing clients with the information and education necessary to make informed decisions about their pavement surfaces. We provide detailed scoping for a variety of goals including minimizing/eliminating liabilities and 5-year plans and 10-year plans. Understanding what you are gaining and sacrificing based on exterior maintenance decisions provides owners and property managers a competitive advantage over competitors. We offer a variety of project management services & would love to assist.